Squaw Valley Reservations

Squaw Valley Reservations

Squaw Valley Ski Resort lives in the minds of so many people as the resort that hosted the 1960 Olympic Games. The resort has changed so much since then when it was a sleepy little western town, but the resort still embraces the name "Olympic Valley" and the torches light the way into the city.

You'll want to be near The Squaw Valley Village and Tram when you come, so stay right at the resort area. You can book your Squaw Valley Reservations for your hotels and condos knowing the City Concierge has recommended these places. For a hipster place to stay and dine, Try the Plumpjack Hotel. They have a great club and atmosphere throughout their hotel. If you're more inclined for quiet, luxury, try the Resort at Squaw Creek. Unparalleled service and well appointed rooms.

To make the perfect lift and lodging package you'll want to combine your lodging with our discounted lift tickets at Squaw Valley... We know who has them. Get them at a savings of up to 25% Sqauw Valley Ski Resort Discount Lift Tickets.

To complete your visit to Squaw, have your ski rentals delivered to your door. No need to carry them, put them in your car, or drag them around. These are by far the best Ski Rentals in Squaw Valley... Check out our friends at Lake Tahoe Ski Rentals

Have fun.